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Baseline Line


This is a common end-out against man or zone defences. The best inside player inbounds, the other players line up in front of the ball, 2 is the best shooter. 4 breaks to the corner for a pass, 1 breaks out ballside for a pass from 4, 3 breaks across the lane towards the weakside block, against a zone he should try to get between the middle defender and the low weakside defender.

As 1 takes a dribble to the middle, 3 breaks to the weakside wing, 2 downscreens for 5, who curls the screen, 4 screens for 2 (against a zone, if the wing defender gets over the screen early, 4 should slip into the middle looking for a pass from 1). If 1 passes to 2 or 3 they should look inside for 4 and 5.

See Inbounds - Baseline Stack.

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