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Fast break
First big

Ian MacKinnon

Bigs are on each baseline, guards on the sidelines at outlet positions. Coach shoots with 4 and 5 in the lane, whoever rebounds outlets ballside and is the trailer (here 5), the non-rebounder sprints upcourt (rim runs), attacking with 2 and 3 who get the ball to him.

(Variation - 2 headmans the ball to 9 who passes to 4, see Fast break - First big Pitt, Post sprint)

2-3-4-5 stay at the other end, 6 and 7 are the next pair of bigs, 4 or 5 shoots for them, the rebounder outlets ballside to 8 or 9, who attack and get the ball to the rim runner (non-rebounder).

Repeat at the near basket with the next pair of bigs.


Add a point guard who goes ballside to get an outlet pass then advances the ball. Also, a player steps on at the other end to pick up and defend the first big (1 on 1).

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