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Fast break
Izzo fly right

Tom Izzo

Designate a side for the rebound, 1 will go to that side. See Fast break - Izzo rebound-outlet.

5 tosses the ball off the right side of the backboard, 2 tips the ball off the board then flies up the right side of the court outside a cone 3-4 feet from the sideline at halfcourt. 5 catches the ball, turns outside and passes to 1, who hits 2 for a layup. When he gets good at it, 1 starts going up upcourt from the outlet spot before the outlet pass and may not need a dribble. Go upcourt not middle, that's where the traffic is.

1 keeps going for a pass from 6 and shoots, 5 goes right up the middle for a pass from 4 and shoots. Once everyone has gone upcourt, come back.


- change sides for the rebound
- replace 2 with 3 flying up the left side.

(Variation - go up and back, see Fast break - 2 headman)

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