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Fast break
2 (headman)

Headman the ball to 2 running the right lane on the fast break. 1-2-4 start in the lane, 4 self rebounds and outlets ballside to 1, who headmans the ball to 2 for a layup, 1 and 4 sprint upcourt.


- 1 or coach shoots to start, 4 rebounds a miss and outlets ballside, inbounds a make
- 2 shoots from the wing off the catch or dribble
- one shot only or 2 must score, putback a miss.

4 gets the balls on no more than one bounce and inbounds to 1 on a make or outlets ballside on a miss, 1 headmans to 2, 1 and 4 sprint to rebound and give the ball over to the next group.


- repeat unless (or until) 2 scores both
- 4 baseball passes to 2 (buzzer beater).


- replace 2 with 3 running the left lane on the break
- use 1-2-3-4, the passing is 4-1-2-3 upcourt and 4-1-3-2 coming back.

See Fast break - UConn 3 on 0, also Izzo fly right, Spurs 4-out.

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