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Fast break
First big Pitt

Jamie Dixon

Bigs need to run the floor, make two people guard you.

Coach tosses the ball off the backboard, whichever big gets the ball outlets, the other big rim runs, and the rebounder trails. The ball is headmanned up the sideline to another coach. Options are:

- coach passes inside to 5, 4 dives to the other side of the rim
- 4 ballscreens and rolls, 5 replaces, coach passes to 4 rolling or passes to 5 outside who hits 4 inside (shown)
- coach passes to 4 in the middle who reverses the ball to the other side and follows to ballscreen.

No dribbling or travelling.

Progression - step-through finishing.

Coming back the shooter rebounds and outlets (ballside), the other big rim runs. Here the ball is reversed through the trailer into a pick and roll.

Repeat up and back.
Variation - replace coaches with players.
Dave D'Aveiro - the first big runs to the T, seals, and goes to the ballside block for a pass, the posts switch roles coming back. Progression - the first big is on the T, the trailer ballscreens for a guard who goes by the screen to the middle, the posts exchange positions, the guard passes to the high post who shoots or looks for the low post (Fist).

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