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Wootten horseshoe

Morgan Wootten

Attackers are initially stationary, defenders adjust to ball movement. Pass the ball around the perimeter until the whistle, hold the ball, defenders can continue to move into proper position, coach checks the defence, then continue on coach's signal. Deny attackers one pass away from the ball.

4 on 4


On coach's signal, wing attacker 2 drives baseline, X2 allows it. Helpside X3 sprints across the lane to stop the drive outside the lane, yelling as loud as he can. X4 rotates down to seal off 3, X1 moves toward the foul line.

If 2 is stopped, reverse the ball to 1. If 2 shoots, X3 boxes out the shooter, X4 takes 3, and X1 takes the nearest of 4 and 1.
Dean Smith - X3 crosses the lane with his hands up, stops 2 from getting into the lane, traps with X2 (the baseline is a good place to trap), X4 helps the helper, X1 jams back, on a pass out of the double-team, each defender returns to his original man. Another option when X3 stops 2 is that X2 goes right on through to pick up 3.


1 drives outside from the guard position. X2 must stop the dribbler. If he can't get there in time, X3 must come across the lane to stop the ballhandler, and X4 seals off the (weakside) wing area.
Dean Smith - X2 moves his feet to help stop penetration while keeping 2 in sight, then recovers on a pass to 2 (help and get back). If 1 gets by X1 and X2, X3 should be in the lane, helps out as the back-up man, and X4 must move in on 3, helping the helper.


If 1 drives inside, X4 should stop him before he penetrates the scoring area. If X4 can't get there in time, he should seal off the wing area, and X3 should stop the dribbler.

Ian MacKinnon - if X4 doesn't stop the dribbler, X2 helps, he should sink towards the basket when 1 takes the first dribble with his left hand. Beaten man X1 would take the ball on a pass to 2. Helping with X3 can lead to an easy pass to open 3.

Dean Smith - if 4 moves back towards halfcourt, the line-of-ball principle applies, X4 supports X1 and does not deny 4. Line of ball does not apply if 1 picks up his dribble.

See Defending - Wootten Fogler, Pitt 4 on 4 penetration.

5 on 5

a) Low post

2 drives baseline, X5 defending the low post rotates to pick him up, X3 rotates down to cover 5, X4 seals off the weakside wing, X1 slides towards the foul line.

If 5 is at the high post, X5 is not involved in the rotation, and is one pass away no matter where the ball is.
Dean Smith - 5 would automatically be fronting low-post 5 on the perimeter as 2 drives baseline, he stops the drive, but would not leave a high or medium post to help (completely front a low post, side front a high post, and side or completely front a medium post).

b) One-man front

X5 rotates to stop 2, X3 picks up the low post, X1 must rotate and pick up the weakside wing. X4 is not involved in the rotation.

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