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Jacobson alley

Ben Jacobson

One-on-one from halfcourt, work offence and defence. The ballhandler has to stay between the elbows extended and tries to get to the endline and finish with a jump stop. The defender tries to contain, turn and stop the ballhandler without fouling (or stealing or deflecting the ball). If the ball gets loose, or the dribbler goes outside the elbows, resume from that spot off the dribble, not from triple threat (if inside the foul line, bring it back to there). Guarding the ball is the key to defence, also go live 1-on-1 from the wing.


- the defender guards three different attackers in a row
- the attacker goes against three defenders in a row.

See Defending - Zig-zag, 1 on 1 wing, and 1 on 1 - Halfcourt and back, Halfcourt containment.

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