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Florida shell

Larry Shyatt

See the Florida man defence.

4 on 4 3/4-court turnaround shell drill, with a big and small attacker in the frontcourt and the backcourt. Guards aren't always up front, and they need to learn the back line of the press.

Coach has the ball and can pass to 1 or 4, all defenders have inside finger tips on their ropes. On a pass to 1, X4 and X2 are on the midline. Ballside X5 is as far up the line as he can while still able to intercept a pass over the top. You have to learn how much you can shrink the floor.

1 changes sides on the dribble, 4 shallow cuts, 2 and 5 cross at the rim as 1 approaches halfcourt, then 1 dribbles into his frontcourt. Defenders need to react to attacker movement and the change in ballside.

Once into halfcourt defence, attackers pass the ball and hold for two seconds, defenders jump to the ball, sprint to the midline, find their rope, get there on the catch. After 10 to 20 seconds or the defence gets it, coach calls "play ball" or "live". Shyatt suggests telling the offence how to score, e.g., off penetration or pass and cut, then off ballscreens, otherwise you don't know what you are getting better at on offence or defence.

For the Florida Gators, when coaches come on the floor after warm-up, practice is "on" after a 10-second meeting. For scrimmage there is no out of bounds, never a foul unless Billy Donovan calls it, and each possession is over only when the defence gains possession (even after a made basket). However, they will have no-contact scrimmages to work on shooting, running, dummy offence, and any defending is with hands behind the back.

Switch the frontline attackers (and defenders) going back.

Halfcourt progressions

a) 2 passes to the wing, dives, posts up, stays for two then sprints out to the weakside arc, 5 and 1 fill. Reverse the ball and repeat.

b) Screening - ballscreens, downscreens, backscreens, flarescreens.

c) Close-outs - coach inbounds from behind the baseline, defenders find their ropes.

d) Post defence - add a fifth attacker with defender, use a low-post attacker, work on post traps or digs on post feeds.

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