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Extended 1-3-1 basics

The extended 1-3-1 does not allow direct passes.

X3 gets the ball out of the middle and keeps it there, cutting off a direct pass to 3.
X5 plays between the ball and the basket, and keeps the ball out of the high post.
Wings X2 and X4 are partners, when one is up the other is down, protecting low weakside.

The baseline runner (usually X1) covers corner to corner, and is always ballside.
There should always be a defensive triangle protecting the paint.
Greenberg 1-3-1 - the wings start high (the old hash mark).

Option - X3 and X2 trap the dribbler, see Dean Smith 52 zone, Blackford 1-3-1, Versoix 1-3-1.
Dennis Felton 1-3-1 - normally use the 1-3-1 on dead balls and made field goals, there's time to set up.
See Matt Hackenberg - 1-3-1 halfcourt trap defence (YouTube), YouTube playlist - 1-3-1 zone defence.

X2 and X3 get in the passing lanes, facing the ball (X1 talks to X2, X5 talks to X3).

X5 covers the high post, X1 covers the low post (and has to close out on a pass to the corner), X4 defends low weakside.

X5 defends dribble penetration, along with X3 and X2. X3 can help on a pass to the high post.

Dean Smith 52 zone - on dribble penetration, X5 and X3 fake at 1, X2 is designated to stop the dribble and stay with him. For good rebounding coverage in this offence, X3 must move quickly to rebound on the weakside.

DeChellis 1-3-1 - defenders have to have "bounce", they can't play flat-footed. X4 has his ballside foot up in a boxer stance.

Bennett 1-3-1 - X3 and X2 pinch the seam on dribble penetration, with help from X5 if needed. On a pass to the high post, X3 double-teams with X5.

Blackford - X5 plays between the ball and the basket, with his toes on the 3-point line, and doesn't worry about what's behind him. If 1 splits the X2-X3 box, X5 comes up to stop penetration, the only time they have three guys on the ball. If 1 passes to the high post, X1 or X4 have to cover until X5 turns and gets back in the play.

(Here X4 could help on the high post.)

Felton - X5 is always between the ball and rim, but adjusts if there is a high post, using his length to put a hand in front of 5 while facing the ball. If 1 drives middle, X3 and X2 attack him then run away to take away passes as X5 steps up to stop 1 at the 3-point line. X3 takes away the high post if there is one, otherwise takes away 3.

DeChellis - X5 keeps the ball out of the high post.

Greenberg - X5 keeps the ball out of the high post one full step beyond the arc, denies from the side, goes behind on a guard-to-guard pass. 

Aldo Corno 1-3-1 - X5 fronts the high post, and is ready to slide down and front the low post. Don't ever let the ball enter the high post, it's the most dangerous spot on the floor.

Coach Mac - X5 stays between the ball and the rim, and keeps the ball out of the post, fronting to deny and help on dribble penetration. When X5 steps out to stop dribble penetration (ending up with three players on the ball), he is no longer responsible for the high post. X1 and the weakside wing pinch in to prevent passes into the paint. Any time the ball is passed into the high post, double with X3 and X5, X1 and the weakside wing guard the blocks.

X1 has the ball in the corner, taking away baseline.

X5 covers the low post.

X2 denies a pass back out to the wing (a soft trap, facing the ball).

X3 has the high post and distorts a skip pass to 3.

X4 protects weakside, and has a skip pass to 3.
Felton - X5 sprints down to put his baseline hand in front of low post 5, just run in front.
Blackford - if 2 shoots, X3 runs to become a second backside rebounder and X2 replaces in the middle.

Felton - it's a mistake if X2 goes to trap 2, it's an easy pass back out.

Blackford - X2 traps if he thinks it's a great trap, otherwise distorts the passing lane back out. X3 plays the ballside elbow.

Greenberg - trap a good shooter in the corner, the other slides don't change.

Smith, DeChellis - trapping the corner, X3 can take away a pass to 1 and X4 take away the high post.

On a pass back out, X3 takes the guard-to-guard pass, X1 goes right back to 5, X5 recovers high.
Greenberg - on a pass back out to 1, X2 pushes the ball out.
Felton - defenders have a tendency to get soft, X3 and X5 have to keep playing high.

On ball reversal to 3, if there is an attacker in the corner, X4 comes out wide in the passing lane, or pushes the ball out if it's too close. X1 comes ballside, X2 sprints down to protect weakside.
Felton - X4 banana cuts to keep 3 from passing to 2 in the corner, but closes out straight if 3 is a shooter catching in range.
Blackford - X4 banana cuts, playing 3's outside shoulder. If 3 is close to the 3-point line, X4 has to push him out.
Felton - if 1 makes a skip pass to the corner, X4 would cover until X1 gets there.

Coach Mac - on a corner-wing skip pass, the weakside wing must banana cut out to the wing, taking away a direct pass to the corner.up

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