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1-3-1 Jack Bennett

Jack Bennett

The 1-3-1 tries to keep the ball on one side. Its strength is down the middle.

X1 has a good wing-span to seal the ball and slow down reversal. X4 is the quickest baseline player, he covers corner to corner, but his teammates must slow down the ball to help him. X3 is the best rebounding wing. X5 stays between the ball and the basket, is able to tie up the lane and confront the block.

X1 has to get the ball out of the middle. On a pass to a high post, he double teams with X5.

Defenders have to play big, with high hands.
Tubby Smith - put the point guard at the top, be big on the wings, pinch in, play inside-out.

With the ball on the wing, X2 takes the ball with high hands to slow down a pass to the corner. X1 plays cat and mouse, forcing an over-the-top pass. X1 and X2 pinch the seam on dribble penetration, with help from X5 if needed.

X4 covers the block, trying to front or 3/4. Weakside wing X3 drops, seeing the ball and any weakside attackers, ready to rebound.
coachesclipboard.net - Against a 2-1-2 offensive set, X5 plays the attacking post player man-to-man, denying him the ball, fronting most of the time. X4 moves out about halfway to the corner when the ball is on the wing.

On a pass to the corner, X4 must get there on air time (go over top or even out of bounds), don't allow a rhythm shot. He pulls X5 down, who fronts the low post (or plays 3/4). X1 has long rebounding.

If the ball is dribbled to the corner, X2 stays with it.

X4 cannot cover corner-to-corner quickly enough when the ball is skipped. X3 covers, then X4 bumps him back up to the wing or middle, or coach can call for a trap to take the ball out of the hands of a great shooter (crossed wrists, fists closed).

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