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1-3-1 Aldo Corno


Aldo Corno
FIBA Assist, issue 20

X5 is always behind the ball, in front on the high post, and ready to slide down and front the low post.

X4 and X1 jam when O1 tries to drive (or is in shooting range). X4 is aggressive on the ball. X2 covers the low post, goes out only on a pass.


Double team by X4 and X2 on the pass to the corner. X5 takes the low post, X1 the high post, X3 the middle of the lane.

Variation - X1 covers the passing lane to O1, X3 covers the high post, 2 is left open.

Don't let the ball enter the high-post area, where it can be passed to either side of the floor.

If a shot is taken from the corner before the double team, there are great problems because X5 is fronting ("facing"?) O5. X3 boxes out O5, X1 takes O2 (or O4), and X4 takes O4 (or O2).


The skip pass from 3 to 2 is a problem for the defence. X3 runs to close out, X1 goes around O4 until X5 recovers to him, X2 runs in the lane, X4 moves towards the ball and takes O5..


Rotation on guard-to-guard pass.

The most difficult offence to face is one with two high posts.

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