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40 is fullcourt man defence.

See Defences - Mavs fullcourt, Morgan Wootten fullcourt, Scramble fullcourt.
Basic fullcourt pressure is intended to increase tempo and wear down the other team, especially their point guard. To keep the ball away from a good point guard, deny an inbounds pass (shortstop), or trap then deny on a pass to someone else (quick trap, slow trap). Down late in a game, try for 5-second counts and steals (Tough).

a) On

Deny an inbounds pass except to 1, who is pushed toward the baseline by X1 (not denying). X4 defends the inbounds passer (on his strong hand, and force a bounce pass), drops to the line of the ball on an inbounds pass, then it's basic fullcourt pressure. X1 turns the dribbler, nose on the ball, or optionally applies light pressure, not worried about turning the dribbler, just close enough to disrupt any quick change of direction and make him feel uncomfortable. Don't allow passes upcourt.

Vance Walberg - when the ball is on an outside quarter of the court, all defenders are on that half of the court; when the ball is on an inside quarter, all defenders are in the two inside quarters. Don't hug your man, play on the high side (up the line).

See Defence - 2-2-1 Vance Walberg.

Option - quick trap - X4 immediately traps on a ballside inbounds pass below the block (or below the foul-line extended)
Doug Porter - On press - low-post X5 is up front so they can transition to offence quickly (other defenders match up), he pressures the inbounder then looks to trap first pass.
Jim O'Brien - the white press is usually used after a score from inside the lane, X4 pressures the inbounder and immediately traps an inbounds pass to the coffin corner.

The only pass not denied is backwards, all defenders are below ball level. Get the ball out of the point guard's hands, X1 denies a return pass, X4 recovers to 4.
Billy Donovan - X3 may be able to steal a pass back to 4, but don't give 3 the middle of the floor.

Walberg - X3 looks to pick off a reversal pass if the trailer leaks up the middle, but can't get to it if 4 stays way back. Good players move on the pass, great players move on the pivot and sprint on the pass.
Gary Williams - if 3 goes away from the ball, often X3 moves up to take 4.
Doug Porter - against a 1-up press break it is almost impossible to cover a return pass to the inbounder with rotations.

b) Off

X4 drops off (or can't get to) the inbounds passer, getting to the level of the primary ballhandler and helping on the ball.

- use 40 Off on a made 3-point shot
- slow trap - X4 and X1 trap 1 off the dribble (shown).

Jim O'Brien - the black press is used after a made perimeter shot or on a dead ball, instead of pressuring the inbounder, X4 supports behind the front line of the press. Also see Defence - Kentucky fullcourt (Black).

Walberg - make the ballhandler put it on the floor (an attack dribble), they don't care which way you force him, X4 runs to trap if 1 drives up the sideline or up the middle. If 1 blows by, X1 sprints and tries to get a punch-out (back tip) from behind, X4 sprints back trying to squeeze 1.

See Defences - Scramble fullcourt (slow trap), Morgan Wootten fullcourt (funnel trap), 2-2-1 John Kimble ("in" stunt).
Fan-trap variation - if 1 drives up the sideline, X2 traps with X1 (run and trap from the front), see White & Black match-up, Wootten fullcourt (fan trap, blitz switch), 2-2-1 UConn, 2-2-1 Kimble ("out" stunt). Run and trap becomes run and jump on a pass.

c) Shortstop

To deny an inbounds pass to a strong point guard, X4 double teams with X1. X4 face guards but gaps, X1 plays 3/4 from the middle, not allowing a pass over the top. On an inbounds pass to another attacker, X4 recovers to 4 (line of the ball) and X1 denies 1.

If 1 inbounds the ball, go 40 On, X1 defends the inbounds passer then denies a return pass.

Bob Hurley - against a team that runs on made field goals, the inbounder is part of the scouting report, instead of guarding him, double the outlet (with the nearest guard, the other guard gets back), forcing him to go back for the inbounds pass, then xinbounder retreats and picks up his man, you've taken away the break.
Doug Porter - Off press - X5 double-teams the best ballhandler to force the ball to other players, or against a 1-up press break.

Ian MacKinnon - go 5 on 5 fullcourt, award the defence 2 points for a causing a turnover in their frontcourt and 1 point for a backcourt turnover. If coach calls "score it", the defence allows a basket then inbounds against fullcourt pressure.

See Defence - Morgan Wootten fullcourt (Shortstop).

d) Tough

- deny the inbounds pass, look for a 5-second count
- rover option (shown) - X4 drops off the inbounder to a rover position behind the front line of the press, which can face guard
- X4 tries to trap at some point, e.g. a quick trap or slow trap, or the ballhandler is isolated on a clear-out, or on the first dribble over halfcourt (thumbs up)
- the press stays on for a backward pass (if the ball is reversed to 4, X1 and X4 switch roles)
- fist option - on a trap, a defender shoots the gap to contest ball reversal
- fan-trap option - run and trap from the front, X4 can take away 4.

hooptactics.net - shadow variation - X1 forces 1 down a sideline, as the ball crosses halfcourt, X4 can trap with X1 (from the front), fake a double team and recover to 4 when 1 picks up the dribble, or jump switch with X1, trying to draw a charge or force 1 into picking up the dribble (note that X4 can get in front of 1 from a rover or shadow position). Invert variation - X1 and X4 switch prior to the inbounds pass, X4 is the on-ball defender.
Doug Porter - Stay press - the on-ball defender tries to turn the ballhandler as many times as possible, then X5 looks to trap near the sidelines when the ball crosses halfcourt, used a lot against 1-up and clear-out alignments, and as a change of pace.

See Defences - Morgan Wootten fullcourt (Centrefield, Fan trap), Hoop Tactics (Shadow), White & Black match-up (Black press), Scramble halfcourt (secondary break - Thumbs up), Maryland fullcourt, Kentucky fullcourt, Versoix fullcourt.

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