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Mavs fullcourt

Avery Johnson

Use an attacking, (pressure) man-to-man defence to disrupt the other team's timing and wear them down, but mainly to turn up your aggressiveness.


However, you can't always be in attacking defence mode, e.g., if too many of your players go for an offensive rebound. Converting after a missed shot, 1, 2, and 3 get back as the shot is taken, 4 and 5 can rebound only if they are close enough to the basket (within about 12 feet). Cover the threats - the basket, the ball (pick it up as early as possible), the right wing, and the left wing.

We want numbers, the defender of the trailer (here 5) does not run back with the trailer, he gets in front of the ball and is the help to contain the ball as it is brought up the floor.

Made basket

On a made basket, 4 jams the inbounder, 1 moves up from his converting position to guard (contain) the point guard as early as he can. After the inbounds pass, 4 gets to ball level, and at some point double teams with 1 (he can hit immediately on the inbounds pass). The other players move up to guard their men as early as they can once they have protected in the backcourt, but don't get in front of your man and invite an overhead pass, no long passes (play between man and basket)

Here 4 double teams near halfcourt, forming an "L" with 1 and not allowing a split. 2 and 3 are the interceptors, but can't get beat backdoor or let the ball go over their heads. 3 tries to deny, 2 plays split between his man and next receiver X4. 5 is the safety protecting the basket, he can't get above X5 or let him run up for an easy catch.

Depending on time, score, and spacing, 2 may be able to full rotate for a steal, inviting a pass to the furthest attacker, 5 may be able to get that pass.

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