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Maryland fullcourt man

Gary Williams

If you get burned with the zone press, don't take the press off, you can go to fullcourt man pressure. Work attackers up the court, after a couple of times if you don't want to go back to the zone press, you can jump a little bit in man pressure, there's a couple of things you can do.

Most teams will clear out against fullcourt man pressure.

X4 stays above 4 in case 1 breaks loose, and making it hard for 4 to cut to the ball if 1 picks up his dribble. Other defenders also stay above their men.

The trap guy is the defender of the last attacker to cross halfcourt, often X4. If X1 can turn the dribbler so that he turns his back, X4 runs at him to trap. Cover the first two receivers, X5 plays two attackers. A lot of times receivers may not be in great positions.

Option - run and jump instead of run and trap, X1 keeps going to get back in the play.

If 2 flashes back, X5 has to read the trap, if it's good 1 can't make a long throw to 5, rotate to leave open the furthest person from the ball, but X5 never gives up a layup.

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