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12-13 zone

This is a 1-2-2 zone (12) that looks like a 1-3-1 (13) on a pass to a wing, and also has match-up options.

The zone has a basic 1-2-2 shape when X1 is guarding the ball.

Here X4 has no attacker in his area of the zone, and can

- come up to cover the high post,
- come up if 5 gets a pass,
- come up if 5 gets a pass and faces the basket.

X1 can dig or trap on a pass to 5.

Flip Saunders - when there is a big at the high post, defenders stay matched up. I
f the offence uses a 1-4 high set, bring up both low defenders.
Chris Oliver - 32 match-up zone - the top defender is always responsible for the ball in the initial offensive alignment. Bump positions whenever possible to return to a 3-2 alignment. Constantly know your closeouts, that's the match-up component. Guards are in gaps on a pass to the high-post, and can dig except if guarding a shooter.

See Defences - Auburn 1-2-2 match-up, 3-2 Tubby Smith, 1-2-2 slider basics, Pistons 1-2-2 match-up.

The zone gets to a 1-3-1 look on a wing-entry pass, here X1 drops to cover the high post, X4 goes over low-post 5, X5 crosses the lane to replace X4, X2 sinks to protect weakside.

X3 and X2 are buddies, when one is on the ball the other is protecting the basket.

Match-up option - X5 can stay weakside unless the offence has filled

- both high posts
- high post and low post (or short corner)
- high post and corner (below 2), or
- low post and corner.

Here X5 could stay weakside, there is only a ballside low post. X2 would not sink.

Match-up progression - each defender matches up, takes an attacker, will close out on a pass to that attacker, and box out on a shot. See Defences -
Pistons 1-2-2 match-up, also Point zone Paul Hewitt.

Saunders - in a man or zone defence, when the ball is on the wing there should be defenders at the ballside block and elbow ("early fill").
Oliver - X5 comes across when partner X4 goes out to the corner (on the ball).

X3 forces baseline.

X4 could deflect a pass to the low post with his/her right hand.

X5 is in line with the ball and basket.

X2 protects weakside.

X1 covers the high post.

X4 and X5 can double-team 5 on a post-entry pass.

Saunders - X5 comes across if 3 runs the baseline to the corner, X4 goes over 5.
Oliver - weakside X5 would cover a high-post attacker, they don't mind if the ball goes there for a challenged 15-footer. Guards are worried about shooters.

X4 takes the ball in the corner, X3

- stays to deny a return pass to 2 (shown),
- drops to help on the post, or
- follows the pass to trap with X4.

Tubby Smith - X4 forces 3 to the middle.

Lute Olson 1-3-1 - X4 takes away baseline at all costs.

Auburn 1-2-2 - X4 plays 3 face to face (straight up, not forcing).

Winning Hoops - 10 zone - X5 drops behind the post and gets help from X3 who drops down.

Victorino Cunha - X3 overplays 2 in an open stance if 2 is a good shooter, otherwise double-teams 3.
Oliver - with an overload and ball in the corner, X1 can cover the high post.

X1 takes a short guard-to-guard pass so that X2 can take a pass to 3 and X5 could take a pass to the corner.

Here X2 takes a longer pass to 4.

On a pass below the foul line, X5 takes the ball.

X2 would chase the pass if 3 is above the foul line.

If 2 runs to the corner, X2 can bump X5 back (X4 can call it).

See Defence - 2-3 Tubby Smith (X1 counts bodies and bumps down X2).

Skip passes

X2 takes a skip pass to the far corner, then X5 bumps X2 (or they trap).

10 zone - if the ball is skip-passed cross court, the closest defender takes the ball and the rest of the defenders get back into the defensive rotation as soon as possible.
Oliver - a wing covers a skip pass, a post covers the next pass if it goes lower, the top covers if it goes higher.

Oliver - covering the low post, they play behind, but 3/4 when the ball is out top to prevent an easy high-low entry.


X3 bumps X1 if 1 dribbles to the wing (it can be an aggressive jump switch).
Oliver - guards switch ballscreens, go under the screener, force the dribbler higher.

See Defence - Auburn 1-2-2 match-up, also Point zone Paul Hewitt.

X3 stays if 1 dribbles to the corner and back out to the wing, would then be bumped by X1.

X5 gets between the ball and the basket (on the post line, or line of deployment), or pinches the high post with X1.

Paul Hewitt - X5 is between the ball and the basket, but has his eye on 4. On a shot, you box out your next close-out.

Saunders - X1 is the jam guy with his left hand in the passing lane to 4 and his left leg over top of 4's right leg. He can't pinned by high post 4 on a skip pass.up

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