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1-2-2 slider basics

See Defence - 1-2-2 Slider, 3-2 Tubby Smith, 3-2 sliding zone Jack Bennett, 1-2-2 St. Joseph's.

X3 is the "slider" who stays between the ball and the basket, good overall defender, big enough to defend the low post.

All five defenders guard the ball on the perimeter, X3 has the ball at the top.
if 1 dribbles to the empty wing, X3 hands him off to X2 and bumps back (it can be an aggressive jump switch), switch back if 1 dribbles back out.

Since X5 doesn't have an attacker in his area, optionally he comes up to cover the high post when the ball is out top.

Or X5 could come up only if 4 gets a pass, or if he catches and turns to face the basket.

Slider X3 would pinch down on a pass to 4, and can trap with X5.

A wing defender covers first pass, X1 takes the ball on a pass to 2 (force baseline), slider X3 replaces X1, and covers the high post.

X4 covers the low post (front or 3/4 on the low side), and will close out on a pass to 3. X
5 helps on 5 (there's no attacker in his area).

Compared with a 2-3 zone, ballside coverage is not as strong, but weakside rebounding is better.
Option - X2 steps out to deny or steal a return pass to 1.

X4 closes out on a pass to 3 (take away baseline), slider X3 replaces X4 (front or 3/4 on the high side), and X1 recovers to the elbow area, replacing X3.
If 2 passes inside to 5, X3 comes down from the top, X5 can come across to help.
If 3 is able to pass to 5 (X3 is late), X5 comes across to help, X2 sinks.

The wings try to take or cover the ball on a skip pass.

Here X2 takes the ball until slider X3 recovers from the low post and bumps him back to the elbow.

X1 takes the ball on a skip pass from 1 to 3, X3 replaces X1.

If X4 takes the ball, 5 will be open inside, X3 can't get down to cover in time.

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