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Chris Oliver
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See YouTube video - 5 BDT drills.

BDT (Basketball Decision Training) is mind training, based on the principle of random practice, the opposite of blocked practice. Decision cues for a shooter can come from a coach, player or parent. The cues after passing to a shooter are

- hand outs (straight in front) - pass back
- hands down - shoot
- step forwards - drive
- step to the side - drive the ball to that side and counter off the dribble (change direction).

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Coach passes, holds his hands out and 1 passes back (shown), or coach holds his hands down and 1 shoots. Continue, change the shooter.

Players don't throw a chest pass, pass outside the body, e.g. using a hook or behind-the-back pass.


Coach holds his hands out and 1 passes, or coach steps towards 1, who drives and shoots (shown).


Mix all three options - coach can hold his hands out and 1 passes, hold his hands down and 1 shoots (shown), or step forwards and 1 drives.

Basketball New South Wales

Coach passes and closes out one of three ways,

- short closeout - 1 shoots
- long closeout right shoulder - 1 drives left
- long closeout left shoulder - 1 drives right.

Progression - add a second player on the wing, 1 passes to the wing if coach points that way, then coach can deny a return pass and 1 backcuts for a pass, or coach allows a return pass and closes out.


Coach passes and steps to the side, 1 drives at him (one dribble) then counters (another dribble) and shoots. This simulates a defender getting chest-to-chest. Oliver prefers a behind the back dribble.


Mix all four decisions - hands out, hands down, step forwards, step to the side.

Progression - add relocation, 1 moves to a different spot after making a pass.up

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