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4th-quarter workout

Damin Altizer

See YouTube video - Deadly drill at the end of a workout.

Add this to the end of a workout, you have to make 20 total shots, and shots in a row, not just shots period.

Start from halfcourt on the right side, you have to make 2 in a row for each of 4 game shots, touching halfcourt between shots:

- get a pass at the 3-point line, finish with a layup
- catch and shoot at the elbow
- catch at the 3-point line, one-dribble pull-ups, alternate right-left
- catch and shoot 3s.

Make two free throws in a row, switch sides and repeat.

(Variation - make two of each shot, not two in a row)

See Shooting - 2-man conditioning, Rick Carlisle.

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