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Rick Carlisle

Rick Carlisle
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Footwork shooting. A rightie wants L-R footwork if possible, even moving left. In his system, if a shooter is open, shoot it. The cardinal sin of shooting is to be short, a pro miss is on-line, back rim. Putting the ball back on the finger tips is real no-no.

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1) Perimeter shooting drill

Have to make each shot to move on,

- a step-in 3 from the top (left-right)
- shot fake, one-dribble pull-up going right (R-L-R footwork)
- step-in 3
- shot fake one-dribble pull-up going left (R-L-R, not R-L; creates separation and a L-R)

Progression - 8-shot drill

- step-in 3
- shot fake pull-up right
- shot fake side-step 3 right (one dribble, footwork - R-L-R bounce back, L-R step-in)
- runner right (two dribbles, right-hand floater off the left foot)
- step-in 3
- shot fake pull-up left
- shot fake side-step 3 left (footwork - R-L-R, L-R step-in)
- runner left (two dribbles, right-hand floater off the left foot).

A runner is unblockable, eliminates a charge. Shoot on the way up, let go of it. Always do it the same, left foot with right hand for righties.

Still want to do L-R shooting off the dribble. A rightie can get to a L-R on a one-dribble stepback going left (it's R-L-R), but it's going to be R-L going right (R-L-R-L, with left pivot foot). Also have to go R-L going left off a pin-down.
See Shooting - Thrive3 footwork.

2) Elbow to elbow

Always go L-R, it's a spot-up situation.

As soon as you shoot, get back and over ready to step straight into the next shot (don't hover in the middle of the floor). Don't step until the passer is ready.


- shoot further back (inside the arc)
- 3s.

3) Pick and pop

5 picks and pops for a pass and shot. Catch on the right foot into a L-R step-up, Carlisle doesn't like a hop.

Open up if you pop, keeping vision. Don't open up on a pick and roll (dive).

Follow to rebound, pass back to coach.

Set a step-up screen and pop, again the footwork is R-L-R.

Players with bigs hands have a problem that the shooting thumb comes out, which brings their elbow out to the side.

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Shooting - Thrive3 footwork (1-2 on the move, left-right).up

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