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Tennessee 1-2-1-1

Bruce Pearl

Breakdown drills for the Tennessee 1-2-1-1 zone press.

2 on 2

X2 is in an intercept position on ballside 1, he and X4 work for a 5-second count, trap an inbounds pass, then sprint out if 1 passes out of the trap to 4. It's OK not to get a deflection or steal every time.


- 1 is weakside, X2 denies the inbounds pass, staying near the paint, there is no trap on an inbounds pass to the weakside
- 4 runs the baseline, X2 will go from deny to intercept position, trap a ballside inbounds pass.

4 on 3

Two attackers are weakside, 3 is near the elbow, X3 denies 2, X4 protects middle. If 4 runs the baseline, he can't throw middle until he has cleared the lane line, 3 moves to the other elbow, X3 intercepts 2, X2 denies weakside 1.

Progression - add defender X1 for 4 on 4.

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