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Dean Smith scramble

Dean Smith

Breakdown drills for the halfcourt scramble, see Defence - Tar Heels scramble.

1 on 2

a) 32 series (dribble used)

Coach on the sideline hands a ball to 1, X1 and X2 double team, 1 has no dribble, if he passes to a coach in the corner, the trappers sprint back to the line of ball, talk, one takes the ball ("I got coach").

b) 42 series (live dribble)

Coach hands the ball to 2, trappers X1 and X2 make him dribble, corral and stay with the ball, make him pick up the dribble.

Herb Brown - coach passes to 2, X1 and X2 try to trap and contain him without fouling. Also do this in the attacker's backcourt, contain for 8 to 10 seconds.

5 on 5

a) 32 series

Coach hands the ball to 1, interceptors X3 and X4 are covering three players, X5 is the goaltender. X3 is the container if there is a pass to 3, he has to be patient while the trappers sprint back and pick up checks.

The defence can break to the other basket on a steal.
(Do this is in the frontcourt to work on a fullcourt press, try to intercept a pass, or allow a perimeter or gut pass to work on rotations)

b) 42 series

Until 2 gets rid of the ball, X1 and X2 are the trappers (corral the ball if he dribbles away), X3 and X4 are the interceptors, and X5 is the goaltender.

Also scrimmage 4 on 4 (the ball starts in the other half), put the defence at a greater disadvantage without a goaltender when trapping. Coach can stand behind the attacking point guard and use hand signals to call the defence, or defenders can huddle to make a sequence of calls. Progression - 5 on 5 (see Defence - Tar Heels scramble).

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