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Princeton Chin series

Basics and counters of the Princeton Chin series.

See Quick hitters - Chin series (NBA actions),
Offence - Princeton Point series.

1) Basics

See YouTube video - Basics of the Chin Series.

Initial spacing is two guards, two wings, and strong-side elbow.

Optionally 1 makes a dribble handoff to 3 and 4 exchanges with 2 on the weakside (2 and 3 become the guards, "forwards out").

On a slot to slot pass, 5 steps up to backscreen for 1, who chin cuts to the rim then clears to the ballside corner if there is no pass.

4 or 2 can hit 1 on the chin cut.

Chin Series Explained - 1 can bump back (reject the screen).
Coach Daniel - 4 backcuts if denied, then posts up on whichever side the ball is passed to (see Chin series).

4 passes to 2 and walks his defender down, 5 flare screens, 4's options are curl to the basket (X4 chases over the screen), catch and shoot (e.g. X4 goes under the screen) or catch and attack the double gap (shown), 5 can roll to the rim or pop out top.

Here 4 curls the flarescreen to the basket.

A lot of teams flow into 5-out if 4 isn't open at the top of the key. 4 continues to the weakside wing, 5 pops out for a pass, creating 5-out spacing.
Coach Daniel - 4 curls to the basket if not open on the flarescreen, into a double pin-down.

Teams will flow into cutting action, followed by a dribble handoff or ballscreen.

Furman Princeton Concepts - dribble-at backcut and DHO, or pass and screen away.
Raptors Offence a Symphony - swinging the ball to 5 out top triggers the opposite wing to cut through and the corner lifts up. The cut can turn into a downscreen for the corner.

2) Furman entry

Furman Princeton Concepts - if 5 is weakside to start, no pass is needed, 4 chin cuts.

To get into the Point series, 1 would pass to 5.

See Furman Chin to Point Over, Offence - Princeton Point series.

3) Ballscreens
See Chin series.


Furman Princeton Concepts - 5 flarescreens on a pass to the wing, on a quick return pass to 4 it becomes a ballscreen.

As a quick hitter, see Zone offence - Nets chin series.

Chin Series Explained - 5 can pick and roll, or pop (e.g. against drop coverage).


As a called play, 5 ballscreens on the pass to 4.

Toronto Raptors Chin Pick and Roll - 4 pins down for 3 who gets the pass from 1 and the ballscreen by 5.

See Fast breaks - Florida 2005.

Backscreen-Ballscreen - includes a forwards-out entry.up

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