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Oakland dribble-drive

Greg Kampe

See YouTube video - Greg Kampe Post in DDM, also 2012 Nike Clinic (pdf).

How they get the ball in the post with dribble-drive. All the offensive actions have one-syllable names.
- Basics
- 3 can shoot.

5 is low weakside, heels on the baseline. 1 and 3 are guards, 4 and 2 are in the corners, all these spots are interchangeable. 4 is in great position to offensive rebound from the corner. How many defenders can guard the ball, keep it in front of them? If you can drive it they won't guard you, they will wait for you, then you get 3s. They can't guard this offence, but they can get you playing fast so you don't run it.

1) Basics

Loop and Pitch are the basics.

a) Loop

1's job is to go to the basket, if he can't get to the rim he stops at the elbow, turns sideways (a stride stop), picks up the dribble (that initiates the offence), 2 sprints straight up the sideline, 1 passes and replaces 2 (replace the guy you pass it to). 2 is low and late.

They have outlets if 1 gets into trouble (e.g. Drop).

If you get past the elbow you are committed to shoot, miss long if you miss, don't miss short or get it blocked.

Loop is the hardest thing to guard. Defenders switch it, and run into each other if you run loop a couple of times in a row. e.g., loop-loop.

b) Pitch

Now it's 2's game, get it and go. He drives middle to the "conference logo", as soon as he gets there, 5 gets out of the way (running under the basket to where 2 can drop a pass or pass up in the air), 3 is high, comes behind 2, running downhill, 2 pitches to 3 (underhand), a positive pitch (3 has crossed behind; negative pitch - they haven't crossed yet), 2 replaces 3, who tries to score or shoot it.

(4 can come straight up foul-line extended when 2 picks up the ball)

If the defence switches a positive pitch, they're all caught on the wrong side of the ball.

In transition, run a pitch anywhere for a great shooter, drive the ball right at him, he comes behind to shoot.

5 changes sides.

If 3 gets to the elbow and there's nothing, pick up the dribble, 1 comes out, pass and replace (loop).

1 drives middle to the logo, 4 comes straight up foul-line extended, 1 passes and replaces, 4 drives it.up


Start adding things that are hard to guard.

a) Loop-Kick

A kick means throw it right back where it came from. On all kicks they're looking to throw it to 5.

Run a loop with 2.

2 drives middle, on a pass back to 1 in the corner, 5 comes across and buries his man.

A kick is the quickest way to get the ball into the post after a loop.

b) Skip

Every skip has a duck-in. They don't use the word "skip", they use a colour, e.g. "Red".

1 gets to the drop box, 4 comes up, 3 comes behind, 1 skip passes and replaces 3 (the one time you don't replace the guy you pass to), 5 ducks in.

If 4 drives middle, 5 spins out (weakside), 1 and 3 go behind.

c) Drop

How is X2 going to guard loop action? If you practice they can't take that away.

If overplayed, 2 extends his left arm with fist closed and thumb pointing down, takes two steps up the sideline and goes backdoor.

If X2 takes that away, 1 opens up all the way around (a 180 reverse pivot), 4 comes up foul-line extended, 3 comes behind, 5 counts one-two then sprints to the elbow if 1 still has the ball (shown).

If 4 gets a pass it becomes a skip, 5 ducks in.

They have never turned it over here.

d) Through

X1 is doing a really good job, 1 can't get to the elbow on the right, but you can start the offence from either elbow.

3 comes through, exchanging with 1, getting in the way like an illegal pick play in the end zone, now 1 is on the other elbow, 5 changes sides, 4 comes up when 1 picks up the dribble (4 is low and late).

See Offence - Bollant dribble-drive (ballscreen, rub cut).

3) Other ways to get the ball into the post

a) Through-Duck

5 ducks in when 1 gets to the elbow, seals help X5,

- 1 makes a post entry to 5.

- Or 1 comes right around for a score.

They got a lot of layups and foul shots from this.

If X4 helps, 4 is ready to catch and shoot.

b) Through-Kick-Duck

A counter to Through-Duck, run Through, 5 comes across, 1 throws it back to 3, 5 ducks in.

c) Loop-Pitch-Red

If they really need a basket.

Run loop-pitch, 4 comes out of the corner on the pitch, he knows what the play is (so does 5).

5 seals on the skip pass.

Progression - Through-Loop-Pitch-Red.

d) Flex-4

Flex is a great way to get a duck-in.

Run Through, 5 goes right up to the block facing the ball, 4 runs a flex cut over top, right into X5, 1 spaces the dribble out, 5 finds X5, steps in and seals for a pass.
See Offence - Kelbick 1-4 high.

e) Drop-5

For a big who can shoot or put it on the floor.

Run a Drop (X5 will help on 2), 5 flashes to the elbow, 3 comes behind, 1 passes to 5 then ballscreens if 5 doesn't shoot.

4) Ballscreens

Have to run them so parents know you can coach.

a) Fist

5 sprints up to ballscreen with four guys spaced, rolls to the basket.

If you have good sets, run them out of this formation, if it doesn't work you are in dribble-drive.

Progression - Pitch-Fist, for 3.
See Zone set plays - Oakland loop series.

b) Loop-Fist

Run Loop, 5 sprints to ballscreen for 2.

5 rolls, 1 replaces.up

5) 3 can shoot.

Run Loop.

a) Loop-Fire

X3 is staying on the nail.

2 drives middle, 3 takes two steps to the middle (faking a pitch) then goes to the left wing for a pass.

Fire - if X3 double-teams 1 at the elbow on Loop, pivot and pass to 3 spacing weakside.

b) Loop-43

2 drives middle, 4 flarescreens for 3.

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