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5-out circle motion

Matt Hackenberg

See YouTube video - 5-out circle motion (and playlist #CircleMotionTips).

- Interchangeable positions
- Consistent movement/screening
- Simple to teach
- Simple to learn
- Easy to implement at lower levels.

Reverse the ball from 1 to 3 (or skip pass).

Three-player bunch movement:

- 4 downscreens
- 1 cuts off the butt of the screener (a butt cut)
- 2 uses the downscreen to pop out top and catch ready to shoot or drive
- 1 replaces 2 in the corner
- 4 replaces 1 on the wing.

(Option - 4 screens X1 then X2.)

Harry Perretta's Spread offence has the same rotations but different timing:

- on the pass to 3, 1 cuts straight into the lane, breaking the plane of the basket
- as that happens 4 screens down for 2, who takes his defender in so the screen is in the lane
- 4 tries to set the screen between the block and the third hash, lower is better
- 2 comes up to the middle of the foul line for a pass
- 1 turns and goes away to the corner if he doesn't get a pass
- 4 backpedals to the wing.

"The more you teach them, the less they learn."

See YouTube video - Harry Perretta Spread offence.

Back cut

If X1 jumps to play high, 1 cuts to the basket.

Dribble entry

If 4 is overplayed.

Continuity on ball reversal (downscreen, butt cut, pop cut).


- if overplayed out top, 5 backcuts and yells it, 2 hears it and backpedals to replace himself at the top
- 5 can curl (or flare) the screen, then 2 also replaces himself out top (curl and replace if defenders switch)
- Corner move - 4 can swing the ball to the corner and basket cut, 1 attacks middle and is replaced by 4 in the corner.

See Quick hitters - Dribble-drive X-cut, Offence - Petitgoue open-post (Revolve).

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