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Spurs 3-pass

James Borrego
FIBA (YouTube)

See YouTube video - Spurs offensive concepts.

Start of practice every single day.

Three lines. 1 drives the paint hard with one dribble, kicks to 2 and replaces, 2 drives middle, kicks to 3 and replaces.

Get to the paint, collapse the defence, not flat dribbles. You've got to space once you kick it. They get a lot of relocation shots in a game.

3 drives middle, kicks to 1 for a layup.


- 3-point shot, or a backdoor
- corner 3
- 2-4-5 passes.

The Spurs don't try to break down a 5-man situation with 5 guys out on the floor, they do it out of a 3-man breakdown.

See Shooting - Duke 3-man penetrate and kick, 3-line drive and kick, Tactics - 4 on 0 penetrate-drift, Matt Bollant dribble-drive (3 on 0), Dribble-drive continuity (kickup-kickup), Scrimmage - Pasquali 4 on 4 stunt-recover.up

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