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Mike Lee

See YouTube video - Euro-step counter.


Go at a line of cones using an inside-out dribble, pivot to face the basket after the last cone, bounce off to the middle, take one dribble downhill into a one-foot floater over the top (right hand off the left foot).

Jump straight up and down, release it at the top (no follow through, push it up). Slow down, don't allow the defence to close the gap. Only practice with your strong hand, most of the time the help is in front of you, your defender is on your back and it's already a difficult finish.

As a warm-up, step right-left with no dribble, float it over the front of the rim.

The bounce off is a set-up move, Steve Nash used to do it a lot, coming down with the ball in the right hand, simply bounce off to the side, can attack a gap or cross it back. It's not a slide, bounce off high.

- bounce off then lateral bound to land in a blow-by position
 - also use a one-foot floater when dribbling left, right hand off the left foot.
Ryan Razooky - Score over taller defenders - floaters
a) right-hand finish going right
-  two-step floater (layup)
- one-step (first step)
- Euro-step
- two-foot (outside-inside)
b) going left
- off the left foot (can bump defender).
Jordan Lawley - Undersized guards learn how to finish better at the rim - floaters are dominant-hand only, for a righty going right step outside-inside (power floater), going left finish off the left foot (cross-body).
- lane floaters from the top of the key
- baseline floaters (one dribble, baseline hand)
- across the lane (middle).
See Layups - Turn the corner.
Matthew Dellavedova - Attacking the basket Part 4
- come off a pick and roll with the right hand, drop coverage, in-and-out (freeze the big), quick two-foot floater
- quick right hand floater off right foot, can pick up with two hands (R-L will get blocked)
- going left, left hand off left foot.


Go pound-cross on the cones, turn and bounce off, attack middle, use a two-foot floater (jump stop) to split a gap.

(Variation - outside-inside power floater).

c) Euro-step floater

Go pound behind the back on the cones, bounce off to the middle, make a double move out top and drive it, finish with a right-left Euro-step floater.

Try to set up the defender with a Euro-step right, if he drop steps and takes it away, step to the side to get space, get it up over the top.

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