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Sideline Duke



4 screens for 1 then cuts to the basket for a lob pass using a backscreen from 2, who continues to the sideline using a screen from 5. 3 can hit 4, 1, 2, or 5 opening up to the ball.

Can be used at the end of a game to ensure ball entry.

The Lee Rose box-double side-out is the same.
- 4 doesn't screen for 1, see sideline Duke series (Regular 2)
- 2 can curl 5's screen to the basket, e.g. with the ball in the corner, see Pick-the-picker.
(Other variations)
- 4 clears weakside, 5 screens for 2 then backscreens for 1 (see On the run)
- on an inbounds pass to 5, look for a handback (or fake handback) to 3 (see Fake handback), a give-and-go cut (see Backcut), or a pitch-back 3-point shot (see Pick-the-picker)
- 5-1 pick and roll (fist).
See Inbounds - Baseline Coastal Carolina (option c).

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