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Fast break
Tar Heels 5 on 5

Roy Williams

a) Team X is on defence, and boxes out team O when coach shoots. Team O can move around before the shot, but not in the lane, and can rebound the shot to attack. Team X inbounds on a make or outlets on a defensive rebound, and runs a primary or secondary break. On a stop or score at the other basket, team O comes back on attack. Continue until a stoppage in play (e.g., ball out of bounds), then coach shoots with team O on defence.

See Rebounding - Illinois war, Florida circle the wagons, Fast break - Disadvantage.

b) If working on halfcourt defence, run to the other end on a make or miss.

c) If working on halfcourt offence where the defence is set, go the other way on a make or miss, and come back make or miss.

Against a press, get the ball out of bounds and in quickly.

Tom Izzo - three attackers are behind the arc, defenders are tight in the lane, down in stance, coach shoots, go on a miss (shoot again on a make), four attackers crash the boards, the point guard gets back. Defenders hit an attacker, find the ball and go get it, attackers try to get even with a defender then it's a fist fight. Switch and repeat at the other end. Progression - an attacker shoots, inbound on a make.

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