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3-cone crossover

Mike Lee
Thrive3 (YouTube)

Three cones, start at the first cone, make a move at the second cone (the defender), dribble around the last cone, repeat coming back, the next player goes. For change-of-direction moves, if the first move is left to right, the move coming back is right to left. For same-side moves, use the same hand going out and back, change hands to repeat.

The moves are

1) Push dribble
2) Inside-out
3) Reaction crossover
4) Setup crossover
5) Inside-out crossover
6) Between the legs
7) Behind the back
8) Dribble jab
9) Cross dribble jab

Attacking off the dribble, get close to the defender on the first dribble (close dribble), attack his ankles on the second dribble (body dribble), get separation out in front on the third dribble (escape dribble). Don't make a dribble move too far away from the defender, he can step slide and cut you off; you want to drive through defenders, not around. After making a great dribble move, don't dribble where you are, dribble where you are going, drive and push to veer in front of the defender.

See YouTube playlist - Thrive3 dribbling, also Dribbling - Commando.

1) Push dribble

The first dribble move you need is a change of pace. You have to be able to get separation using a push dribble, which is higher than a regular dribble - up more towards the shoulder - and you are pushing it out not pounding it down. When you go by your defender and get him on your hip, you have to get the ball out in front on the push dribble. You also want to lean in and drop the inside shoulder to get lower, get leverage, and get into the defence. You want to hit first on offence.

Go about half speed with the right hand, get to the cone, it's one push dribble by (to the other hand), veer behind the cone after the push dribble, to cut off the defender.

Half speed coming back with the left hand, then push dribble by the cone, to the right hand.up

2) Inside-out move (or fake crossover)

First of the same-side moves, use the same hand going out and back, 2 can go when 1 gets to the middle cone coming back. Change hands next time, you want to go about 6 times with each hand.

Sell with shoulders, eyes and feet in the direction you're trying to get the defender to lean. You want two steps and go, don't let the feet get side by side and take an extra step.

For a right-hand inside-out, sell to the left, step to 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock, not side to side, get chest over left knee.up

3) Reaction crossover

The basic crossover dribble, and quickest change-of-direction move. Snap the ball to the other hand below and outside the knees.

Going right, drive it, step right, cross the ball, step left, escape dribble out in front. Don't let the feet come together and step across with the right foot, it's just a little too slow for this move.

Get close to the middle cone, cross and push (don't just loop or weave through the cones).

4) Set-up crossover

Made popular by Allen Iverson. If your defender is playing off, set him up in one direction, cross it and hit the gaps to separate. It's slow to fast. With the ball in the left hand, sell left, step to the left and drop your hips like you are driving left, cross the ball, you want a crossover step with the left foot, it's quicker to get in the gaps and you'll have better balance.
(The Iverson crossover is set up by an inside-foot skip hesitation, which he uses but doesn't discuss.)

5) Inside-out cross

A slow to fast move, with the ball in the right hand, jab left, plant the right foot, cross the ball and crossover step with the right foot, just like the set-up crossover, it's more explosive if we can cross it over and drive off the back foot. You want to be quick to the cross after the inside-out.

6) Between the legs

Teaching point - reach with the back foot, get it across the defender (after going between the legs). Lean forward, chest through the defender. Don't skip out to one side or kick the feet together. Change angles (split the feet).

For a variation, see YouTube videos - Point guard footwork, Learn the drop thru (step and go through).

7) Behind the back

There are 3 types,

1) Stop dribble - driving hard, stop, put the ball behind the back foot to get separation.
2) Slide or halfcourt dribble - sit down, feet wide and on balance, change, crossover step, drive it. It's not an attack dribble, use it if you get cut off on a drive.
3) Fullcourt - open court, wrap the ball out in front

Use the 3-cone drill to work on the slide (halfcourt) dribble.

See YouTube playlist - Speed stop.up

8) Dribble jab

A great same-side move, dribbling with the ball in the right hand, jab left and go right. Jab as the ball is coming up, not as it hits the floor.

Go slow to the middle cone, jab (in front), keep the ball in the right hand as you loop the last cone, repeat, re-do with the left hand.

See YouTube playlist - Dribble jabs.up

9) Cross dribble jab

Crossover into a dribble jab, a great way to get your defender off balance. Start with a slow left-to-right crossover then jab left as soon as the ball hits the right hand, explode into the move.

Loop the last cone to change hands coming back.

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