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Dick Bennett post defence

Dick Bennett

Post defence dictates how you do everything else. Don't let a good post player beat you.


1 on 1 in the post with three passers. X5 allows no feeds from the top. With the ball on the wing, 3/4 from the top side. Because of offensive rebounds, you can make a bad player a good player by fronting. Trap a good player.

FIBA Coaching Library - add a second low post attacker and defender.
Around the Tree - two low posts with defenders, four perimeter players pass the ball around, can make a post entry only if the defence makes a mistake.
Hoop Tactics - post denial drill - a) 1-2-3 pass the ball around, X5 adjusts his defensive position as the ball is in the air, b) when 3 gets the ball, 5 makes a flash cut and posts up, repeat when the ball is reversed to 2, c) live 1-on-1, the ball starts on the opposite wing, 5 flash cuts, 1-2-3 can pass to 5, play to a stop or score, rotate, X5 defends all four players.
See Post play - Pitt 1 on 1 live.

A post feed from the wing is OK, don't go for an interception, jump behind the attacker on air time to get behind him. It is the same move if you are trapping or choking the post.

b) Trapping

2 on 2 low posts, pass around the perimeter, then trap big on big, little guys rotate. On a pass into the post from the wing, X5 closes the door hard and high, a 90 degree trap (no split) with X4, who jumps behind 4 on the pass to take away baseline.

Progression - allow the post attackers to move in the lane and exchange positions.

c) Guard rotations on a trap

3 perimeter attackers with defenders, two low-post attackers (can use managers at the blocks). The perimeter attackers can exchange, but no post feeds from the top. On a post feed from the wing, X3 denies a return pass nose to nose (4 is trapped), X1 and X2 form a tandem in the lane, foul line and basket. Being in the pack (16 feet from the basket) helps them get there in time.

If you don't trap, choke. Ballside players (X3 and X1) will hedge on the ball if defending shooters, otherwise attack the ball.

Work on trapping at one basket, guard rotations at the other, then put it together.up

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