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1-3-1 Felton drills

Dennis Felton
FIBA YouTube

See YouTube video - 1-3-1 zone defence Dennis Felton.

Drills to install the 1-3-1 zone defence.

See Defences - 1-3-1 Felton, also 1-3-1 breakdown drills.

1) 7 on 5

Overload with two guards, high post, and four attackers on the baseline.

Start with stationary attackers so you can teach the slides and responsibilities, add drives, then go live.

Progression - 6 on 5 - get rid of the high post.


Break the defence down into two parts.

a) 6 on 3

No shooting, six attackers against the top and wing defenders, just pass the ball.

Attackers can't pass to the ballside low post (which the baseline defender would cover).

If 1 or 4 drive middle, they can't keep going because the centre isn't there, stop about the 3-point line (then back up or pass), just make sure X2 and the wing are doing their jobs.

On a diagonal skip pass to the corner, the wing takes away shot then protects the sideline (the baseline defender would guard the corner).

b) 7 on 2

Defensive coverage for the baseline defender (warrior) and centre. Attackers are stationary, and can't pass to the weakside low post (a wing would cover that).

On a wing-corner pass, try to feed the low post immediately, X5 just runs in front of him, don't go into his body and wrestle with him.

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