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1 on 1
Sackmann drive-kick

DJ Sackmann

See YouTube video - Four-player 1-on-1.

Four players. 2 is the attacker, 1 is the defender.

1 drives and kicks to 3 in the corner, who makes an extra pass to 4.

Option - after passing, 1 has to circle a cone or chair at the ballside block.

(With more than four players, have extras start in the corner behind 3.)

4 drives middle for a paint touch, kicks to 2 and immediately gets out to the corner. 1 helps on 4 and recovers on a pass to 2, it's live.

3 will get the rebound and go out top with the ball.

If 2 scores he stays on offence and 1 replaces 4, if 2 misses he replaces 4 and 1 goes on offence.

Here 2 has scored and goes back out to the wing, 1 replaces 4, 3 dribbles around a cone out top, will drive and kick to 4 and be the next defender.

See 1 on 1 - Drive and kick, Defending - Pitt close-out 1 on 1.up

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