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1 on 1
Grab and go

Shawnee Harle
2018 NCCP Super Clinic

Coach is out top with a ball, players are on the baseline. Defender X1 dribbles with the outside hand, puts the ball down, and defends 2, who gets a ball from coach, who can hold the ball in front, behind, or to the side (change the advantage).

The attacker can "use a flashlight" if well defended - pass to coach, run to get it back (coach holds it out in either hand), the defender has to touch coach's other hand.

X2 and 4 go next, coach picks up the ball put down by 1.

See 1 on 1 - Pasquali dribble defend, Pasquali corner-wing cuts.


a) 2 on 1 from the side

1 dribbles across, 2 grabs a ball from coach and attacks with 3.

b) 2 on 2 from the baseline

Neither defender dribbles out.

1 and 2 are on offence, 3 and 4 on defence, 1 passes to coach, follows to grab the ball, 3 or 4 touches coach's other hand, it's live, attackers can use the flashlight.

Play to a stop or score, rotate defence to offence, 3 or 4 will pass to coach and follow to grab the ball, 5 and 6 are the next defenders, one must touch coach's other hand, 1 and 2 go off.
Mike MacKay - 3 on 3, two teams, make-it take-it, the team on offence passes to coach, any kick-out pass must be outside the 3. Can start with a double gap away from coach.
See Defending - DeMatha wildcat.up

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