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Zone set plays
Fresno 20 series

Mads Olesen

Quick-hitters against an even-front zone from a 1-3-1 set (see Dave Odom 1-3-1), 4 is a little closer to the corner than the normal short-corner set-up.

1 passes to 2, steps in the same direction for a return pass, 3 steps up higher for a quick swing pass, 5 crosses the lane to the mid-post.

Fresno 22

4 backscreens the bottom of the zone, 2 cuts to the corner for a skip pass and three-point shot.

Fresno 23 is the same play run to the other side for 3.

Bob Hurley - screen the zone - use the player at the back of the zone in the short corner, slide a shooter to the corner, screen the baseline then step inside the zone.

See Zone set plays - Patrick Hunt screen the zone, Coach K screen the zone, Florida low 3s, Zone offence - Hurley basic set.

Fresno 24

To avoid getting burned by Fresno 22, X3 gets on the top side of 4, ready to intercept a pass to 2 or contest a shot. 3 makes the read, fakes a skip pass to 2, passes inside to 4 at the rim.

Fresno 21

For 1, 4 and 2 screen the bottom and top of the zone, 1 cuts behind for a skip pass and shot.

See Zone set plays - Patrick Hunt screen the zone, Pitt, Larry Brown double flare, Florida fake lob 3s.

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