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Zone offence
Hurley basic set

Bob Hurley

A basic set everyone uses. Start 3-out 2-in with 4 and 5 on the baseline in short corners, 5 flashes up to make it 1-3-1, 4 can replace 5.

See Zone offence - Pitt 3-out 2-in, Geno Auriemma.

Against zone defence,
- get in the gaps (seams) of the zone, occupy two defenders
- make the zone guard baseline to baseline, the entire court
- use the dribble more against zone than man, attack a gap (make two defenders play you) or attack a defender, it gets your teammate a shot
- change the look of the zone by dribbling from one spot to another, there's an area where they're not sure who is responsible
- drag the ball from the baseline, see who stays with it, or releases
- precede every pass with a fake, it could be just a turn of the head, e.g. on ball reversal, turn your head to finish the swing, that may open up the inside
- if you fake twice it sets up a third player, e.g., fake middle, then right, hit the player on the left, or fake left then right on the perimeter, hit middle (if you fake twice perimeter, the post player should be diving to the hole created by the fakes)
- attack the zone from behind - if you want to run 1-3-1 don't start in it, start from behind, e.g. with both bigs in the short corners, one flashes up, his partner replaces him
- screen the zone - use the player at the back of the zone in the short corner, slide a shooter to the corner, screen the baseline then step inside the zone
- reverse the ball quickly and attack on the weakside with numbers
- combine free flow with structure - philosophy is more important than what you run.

5 dives to the front of the rim on a pass to the short corner, 2 drifts.

5 follows when the ball goes back out.

The posts X on the reverse. 5 cuts post then goes short corner, 4 fills.

On a pass to the high post look for partner flashing low, then pass weakside, dive looking for it, partner flashes in behind.

Bill Self - the posts bleed (come across) on high-post reversal.

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