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Zone offence


Hoop Tactics

The wings are good outside shooters. 1 drives an elbow then passes to the ballside wing and moves to the middle. To set up a triangle overload, 3 cuts to the ballside corner off a screen by the ballside post, who then moves up the lane.


When the ball goes into the post, all players relocate. The point guard spots up on the weakside for a pass, 3 makes a baseline cut, 2 moves towards the corner, and 5 reads the defender at the back of the zone.


On a pass to the corner, the wing basket cuts then spots up on the weakside wing. 3 looks to pass to 2 or to 4 if a defender drops to cover 2's basket cut.

2 can cut to the basket then double back towards the ball if the baseline area is open.


The ballside post then rolls down the lane looking for a pass to shoot, pass to 5 or 3, or kick the ball out to 2.

If there is no pass to 2 or 4, 3 reverses the ball and cuts baseline to the far corner (option - using a screen from 5). 3 skip passes to 2 if the pass to 1 is denied.

1 passes to 2 to create an overload on the other side. 5 posts up then moves up the lane.

Option - 5 flashes to replace 4, who moves weakside?


If 2 reverses the ball, 3 cuts baseline to the far wing using a screen by 4, and 2 runs baseline to the far corner. 4 moves up the lane on a pass to 3, 5 moves down.


If the ball is double-teamed in the corner, 4 pops out and 5 flashes into the middle. 2 can skip pass to 3 or 1.

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