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Zone offence
Atkins Iowa

Ken Atkins

See 5star Iowa.

A continuity zone attack that can be used against any zone defence, including match-up. 4 or 5 is always weakside.

2 is the baseline runner, weakside 4 (who is higher than 5) should be a good shooter and can be a perimeter not post player.

When 1 or 2 has the ball, 4 can flash to the ballside high post then get back weakside.

On a pass from 1 to 3 out top (or a skip pass from 2 to 3), 2 runs the baseline to the other corner, 4 pops out near the foul-line extended, 5 can flash into the lane then back out.

On a pass to 2 in the corner, passer 4 baskets cuts through the lane and is replaced by 1, 5 delays slightly and comes across the lane ballside, looking for gaps in the zone.

4 can basket cut, stop and post, or create an obstacle for a ballside low defender, then go weakside.

(Comment - 2 would run the baseline if 4 passes back to 3, then 4 go down to the weakside low post if 3 passes to 1)

Players are now in their original set on the other side of the floor.

On a pass to 3, 2 runs the baseline, 4 pops out.

If 3 passes back to 1, 4 screens the weakside of the zone for 2 then keeps going on a skip pass and is replaced by 5, 1 replaces 4 on the wing.

If there is no skip pass to 2, 1 passes back to 3, 4 pops back out to the wing.

4 passes to 2, basket cuts and is replaced by 1, 5 comes ballside.

"Me" option

2 has the ball in the corner, weakside 4 calls "me" and cuts ballside, 5 slides up the lane. If there is a pass to 4, 5 goes to the basket, if there is a pass to 5, 4 gets open on the baseline. If there is no pass, 4 goes back weakside.

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