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Eastman continuous DHOs

Kevin Eastman

Continuous dribble hand-offs. 1 makes a dribble hand-off to 2 (it's not a bounce or a flip, put it on a platter, about hip height), 2 comes off with speed and turn-corner mentality, kicks out to 4 when he gets into the penetration box, and spaces the floor, replacing 1.

4 makes a dribble hand-off to 3, who comes off with speed and turns the corner, kicks it out to 2, and spaces the floor.

Continue with 2 making a dribble hand-off to 1.

Progression - time and score awareness, after 3-4 exchanges coach starts to count down from 5, a shot must be taken at 1.

(Since players stay on one side, also have them change sides)

See Shooting - Dribble hand-offs, Tactics - 3 on 0 dribble-ats, 4 on 0 dribble-ats.


- have more than one player at each position, e.g. 1 makes a dribble hand-off to 2 then goes behind 5
- use kickups instead of dribble hand-offs, 2 and 3 start in the corners, 2 kicks up for a pass when 1 stops in the drop zone near the elbow.

See Tactics - Matt Bollant dribble-drive, also Passing - Michigan drive and kick.

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