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NBA bump

Play bump with 2 balls at each main basket, basket 1 is the NBA/WNBA court, basket 2 is the high-school court. Player rotation is

- a player bumped from court 1 moves down to court 2
- a player bumped at court 2 stays there
- a player who bumps another player at court 1 stays there
- a player who bumps another player at court 2 moves up to court 1.

Knock out the player ahead of you by scoring first, there is no knocking a ball out of play.

After X minutes the players at both baskets play an elimination round of super bump - players are out if bumped, or if they miss the first putback on a miss. The winner at each basket plays for the championship.


- players are not limited to one putback
- only the players at basket 1 play an elimination round
- use 3 baskets with many players - NBA/WNBA, college, and high-school courts (players at the college court move up and down).

Krause, Meyer & Meyer - knockout - if your are knocked out, run a lap or up and back or some other penalty before returning to the game. or play with permanent knockout.

See Jr. NBA - Shooting (Games).

Dribble Bump - Tony House

Start with 3 balls, dribble from the baseline around a chair on the elbow to shoot, use 2 balls when down to about 4 players.

See Dribbling - Dribble and shoot.

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