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American 21

Three players at a basket. 1 starts play by shooting a free throw worth one point, and keeps shooting after every make. On a miss, all three players contest the rebound. The first to score a basket gets two points and goes to the free throw line. Play to 21.


- limit of 2 or 3 free throws at a time
- always shoot 2 or 3 free throws
- must win by two points
- have to score 21 exactly (back to 13 on a bust)
- if a rebounder tips in a miss, the shooter goes back to 0 or 13
- miss a free throw at 20, back to 13
- at 21, make a free throw or back to 13
- a rebounder has to take the ball outside the arc before attacking the basket.

Ian McKinnon - each player shoots a one-and-one, if both shots are made, the other two players do rock, paper, scissors to see who goes to the line next.

See Shooting - Mushball, Rebounding - Three-player scramble.

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