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Hurley 3 on 3 line of the ball

Bob Hurley

3 on 3 fullcourt, coach inbounds the ball, the offence can't dribble, the defence comes back on a stop or score, and can dribble, rotate offence to defence to off the floor.

Any defender who makes a steal gets to take the next shot, even if they pass first (Hurley does this in games too - steal it, you shoot it). Teammates can crash the boards knowing who will shoot.

The on-ball defender should harass the ballhandler then take a power step in the direction of a pass, ball-you-man.

If your man throws the ball ahead, get back as far as the ball (line of the ball), you can go make plays, a big can go protect the basket and be a shot-blocker, a smaller defender can get involved in a trap.

On offence, if the inbounder stares at you, backcut, go to the rim. In practice, dunk or use the backboard.

See Scrimmage - Hurley 11-pass drill, 3 on 3 truth test.

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