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Gut check

Bruce Weber

3 teams of 3-4 players each. Two teams play for 4 minutes, the third team shoots at a side basket (or waits on the sideline). Teams get a point for each stop. Each possession is 20 seconds (starting from the end of the last play), a foul is automatic loss of play.

When the offence scores, the defenders sprint, touch the far foul line, come back for a pass from coach, and attack. On a stop, the attackers sprint down and back for a pass, and are still on attack.

All teams play each other, 12 minutes in total.

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goxavier.com - 5 on 5 gut check - 12 minutes on the clock, switch every 4 minutes, team 1 attacks team 2 to start, team 3 is at other baskets shooting free throws, defence stays on a stop, offence runs to the other end and back in 10 seconds and gets the ball again, offence switches to defence on a score, the defence runs.

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