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Bauer 5 on 5

Jeff Bauer

5 on 5 live

a) With restrictions, e.g., number of sides, number of post touches, screens for shooter, score off specific screen, cut, or sequence, first two passes go to screeners etc. Read the defence, slow down, wait for things to develop.

Allison McNeill - number of sides, post touches, or passes; types of screens, score off specific screen.

b) Rating game (point system), 4 points for a layup, 3 points for good shot (open look off sides), 2 points for OK shot, 1 point for bad shot, 0 points for turnover. Emphasize shot selection. time on game/shot clock, number of sides during possession, players must know which offensive option they are.

c) Versus different defences, e.g., zone, sag, trapping, gimmick etc. Read the defence, take good shots, not what the defence gives you.

d) Situational - ahead, behind, shot clock, etc. Know the game situation.

Don Kelbick - 5 on 5 or 4 on 4 using one or more "teaching rules":
- no dribble
- layup only in the first four passes
- two ball reversals before attempting dribble penetration
- ball must touch the post before a jump shot
- ball must touch the post twice before a 3-point shot
- all 3's must come on a pass from the post
- designated shooter (unknown to the defence)
- designated shooter or his screener can shoot, or another player on a pass from the designated shooter
- designated cuts
- designated screens
- minimum X passes
- layups only
- designate a starting situation.

Jose Vicente, FIBA Assist issue 35
- you can't give the ball back to the player you got it from
- you can't remain in the same spot after you pass
- all attackers must be in their frontcourt when a shot is taken.

Frankston Blues - Motion Audibles
- Reverse - must have ball reversal before scoring, or "3 sides" for two ball reversals
- Five - must have 5 passes
- Post - may need to reverse the ball to get a better look on the post feed
- Paint - the next shot must be inside the key (2-in-a-row rule - if the team misses two jump shots in a row in a game the next shot must be in the paint, the rule also applies to individual players if they miss two in a row)
- Fist - for an onball screen, this or Post is the default with 8 seconds or less on the shot clock
- Curls and Cuts - attack the basket through cutting action rather than dribble penetration (must have great spacing), can be great to combat switching or pressure defence
- Screens - can mean one or a certain number of screens.
Players must get into triple threat no matter what the audible (play your man, make sure he respects you on the catch), and can ignore the rules if there is a clear layup opportunity
Bob Hurley
Unless thereís a layup, reverse the ball before a shot; with a good post, itís ball reversal, post touch before anyone can shoot. Audibles are:
- circle - 4-out or 5-out - dribble at a player, tell him to circle, he goes to the weakside (maybe swing it and play with him), it opens up the side, if someone is pressuring your point guard, you have to punish him, empty the side out, it takes some of the fearlessness out of the defender, he has to worry about the guard turning the corner
- shallow - the point guard calls shallow, drives at a player and replaces him, he cuts hard and replaces you
- hold - put them in stacks, a shooter comes off a double screen, you can dribble at him and send him through
- cross - love it in transition, the point guard is not getting room to operate, cross the wings, thereís going to be an early pass in the offence, also helps with a good post player, sit him in front of the rim, defenders canít sag
- post X - 4-out, pass to a wing, go get the post, then button hook back to the foul line for a pass
- side - side pick and roll, start with that then play
- middle - flat middle screen.
Ian MacKinnon - designate an off-ball screener, or a player to get off-ball screens, progression - allow ballscreens.

Also see Huggins 5 on 5 live.

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