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24 seconds

Bruce Weber

5 on 5 halfcourt, start with 24 seconds on the clock. Team O attacks team X, on a stop team O gets the ball back, but minus the time taken for the first possession. Team X must stop team O for all 24 seconds to win. If team O scores they go to defence and try to stop team X for 24 seconds. If team O gets an offensive rebound the clock re-sets to 24 seconds but team X is still on defence.
Mike Neighbors - 30-second shot clock - start the shot clock when the offence attacks, play to a stop or score, on a stop keep the time on the clock (take 3 seconds off for a deflection or turnover, 5 seconds off for taking a charge), re-set the clock to 30 seconds if the offence scores, gets an offensive rebound or uncontested shot. Progressions - re-set on a post catch in the paint, getting beat on an outside drive, or not communicating on defence.

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