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2 on 2 blockout


Two teams, with guards matched up against guards on one side, bigs on the other side. When coach shoots, X1 and X4 must sprint out and make contact with O1 and O4 respectively, who cannot hit the back of the players boxing them out. Both teams rebound and try to score, play to a basket, only hard fouls called and no out of bounds. Top and bottom players switch for the next round, then new players come on. Keep score.

Option - if the ball leaves the key, the team with it passes to coach and a pre-determined action takes place, e.g., screen away.

That's a Foul May 2006 - on a defensive rebound, defenders must outlet to a coach on either wing. Variation - defenders cross and block out the player opposite.

Tony Barone - a guard and a big have unique jerseys, it's 2 points if those players rebound and score.

See Rebounding - Pitt 2 on 2 war (outlet on a defensive rebound), Michigan State 2 on 2 (defenders take the ball out then attack).

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