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Press breaks
Duke vs 1-2-1-1

Coach K

Against a fullcourt 1-2-1-1

1 and 2 spread out, 5 only goes to about halfcourt, they might have to pass to him. 4 inbounds using pass fakes and running the baseline to improve the passing angle so that the pass is vertical not diagonal. 4 does not follow the inbounds pass (vulnerable to a trap), he creates an easy passing angle..

1 works hard to post or go away then comes to meet the ball where he has distance from the endline to work in (the further away the better). He will catch and face upcourt, and can use the dribble productively to beat a defender (attack a shoulder), or use a pullback to create space for a pass. Try to single out one defender to attack. 2 and 3 are ready to meet a pass.

There should always be three short options and one long option.

Receivers v-cut, call for the ball, show their hands, meet the pass, catch and face upcourt to see what's ahead, may need to dribble to make a passing angle. When pressured, establish a good pivot foot, use pass fakes.

When you beat the press, beat it to score. The press wants to hurry you up. Beat it with poise, but when you have an advantage, then you hurry up. Being pressed is an opportunity to score.

Offensive rebounds are always available when attacking the press, so keep attacking, and then it's the easiest time for the defence to lose shooters, so perimeter players should be ready to shoot.
Bill Self - on a pass to the middle, the trailer would run wide opposite, the passer becomes the new trailer.

4 should be "big" in making passes (overhead), and be able to handle the ball.

See Press breaks - Bill Self 1-3-1, Giorgis regular, Versoix.

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