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Post play
Florida hold the seal

Billy Donovan

On "go", 5 posts on X5 and has to keep him pinned on his back for at least three passes, the third pass can go inside.

Really good post players score before they touch the ball. Posts have to understand angles, how to post up, how to seal, and how to catch the ball in areas of the floor where they can be effective. Run to the rim and post, hands up, sit down, spread out, don't let the defender get around, the same way you would block out on defence. Move your feet (shuffle) to keep him on your back so the passer can see your numbers.

If the defender gets in front, seal and point to the next pass, hold him out of the lane to create space to post and catch the ball inside, don't just run across the lane.

If you catch the ball in areas of the floor where you can score (get a piece of the paint), there's not a whole lot of moves required. On a catch, locate the defender - how is he playing you, is there a double team. Once you realize it is one-on-one, use the dribble to get a little closer to the basket, but more than anything else to neutralize your defender. Hit him in his lower body to neutralize his jump, try to end a post move with some kind of hit so he can't go up and try to challenge.

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