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Post play
Bargnani series


FIBA Assist

5 sprints from midcourt, gets a pass from coach at full speed,

- dribble two times with the receiving hand and dunks (or power move or jump shot)
- takes two dribbles with the opposite hand and dunks
- add a crossover dribble at full speed
- add a coach in the other corner, if he presents both hands as a target, 5 passes, gets a return pass, shoots.

Repeat on the right and left lanes.


5 sprints, catches and stops at the 3-point line, then

- shoots
- crossover dribble and drive
- crossover dribble in traffic, adding a passive or active obstacle, e.g., chair or coach
- use a reverse or behind the back change of direction
- shoot if the obstacle is back, drive left if on the right, drive right if on the left, cut backdoor if the obstacle is high
- change to an active defender, go 1 on 1 to a stop or score
- make a v-cut towards or away from the passer.

Protect the ball by moving it side to side with a "spoon" move above the shoulders or below the knees (not chest or waist height).


5 fast dribbles from midcourt towards an obstacle and slows down a bit to choose a solution, e.g., shoot, change direction, or fake a change of direction.

Variation - use an active defender who starts from the baseline.


Get the ball in the low post (legs wide and sit, ball protected), look over inside shoulder to see the weakside, drop step and slow dribble inside, then hard dribble, baby hook, or spin move baseline and finish with outside hand.

Other options

- shot fake and crossover (up and under)
- step-back shot on the second dribble
- drop step baseline to the basket, then spin opposite (if defender closes out)
- face the basket with a reverse pivot on the outside foot (defender not making contact), protect with shoulder and elbow, can then crossover to the basket, right-left stop, shot fake, pivot ("front reverse"?) and shoot, or crossover, or half step with left foot to earn space.

Variation - add a coach on the weakside wing, skip pass if he presents a target, look for return pass in the key.

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