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Post play
5star posting up

Evan Pickman

Posting up (establishing position) on the fast break, on a cross screen (across the lane), and on a pick and roll. Play big, get down low and wide, hands up, elbows out, meet the pass by taking a little 6-inch jump stop to the ball, locate what's going on (middle). Post above the block. There are no shots, pass back out.

(Progression - players shoot, and see 5star Solo).

a) Fast break

Look for a layup on the rim run then post up for a pass. Change lines on the pass back out.

Change sides.

Gregg Popovich - the Spurs run drills where the bigs run from halfcourt. If X5 trails 5, 1 throws ahead to 2, 5 seals X5 behind him for a pass. If X5 tries to beat him to a spot, 5 will plant, pivot and bury in the lane for a pass from 1.

b) Cross screen

c) Pick and roll

5 ballscreens, rolls, and posts up. Get big on the ballscreen, with a wide base.

Use three lines, rotate counter-clockwise.

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