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Post play
5star 3 on 3

Evan Pickman

Play is live only when a post gets the ball in the post (get him the ball on movement, he can pass back out), go to a stop or score. With extra players, rotate offence to defence clockwise.

a) Pick and roll

5 ballscreens for 4, picks, posts up. 4 takes his man down, uses the screen, hits 5 rolling or passes to 3.


In a game situation, X5 would not want a 50:50 rebounding situation if 3 shoots. On a shot, X5 first puts a forearm on 5 (make contact, but can't push). If 5 goes baseline, X5 steps through with his right foot (forward pivots on his left foot) to box out and get 5 on his back; if 5 goes middle (above 5), 5 reverse pivots on his right foot to box out.

It's the same on the perimeter, make contact first then box out, step through or reverse pivot.

5 doesn't want contact, he wants a 50:50 situation, makes a move on the shot.

b) Transition

If there is no pass to 5 in transition or posting up, he can cross screen for 4.

Or 4 can flash to the top for a pass, dribble back to the side, then 5 could screen away for 3.

Progression - attackers can start with transition, transition and screen away, or a pick and roll.

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